# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
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import os
import math
import random

import numpy as np
import tensorflow as tf
import cv2

slim = tf.contrib.slim

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.image as mpimg

import sys

from nets import ssd_vgg_300, ssd_common, np_methods
from notebooks import visualization
from preprocessing import ssd_vgg_preprocessing

# TensorFlow session: grow memory when needed. TF, DO NOT USE ALL MY GPU MEMORY!!!
gpu_options = tf.GPUOptions(allow_growth=True)
config = tf.ConfigProto(log_device_placement=False, gpu_options=gpu_options)
isess = tf.InteractiveSession(config=config)

# Input placeholder.
net_shape = (300, 300)
data_format = 'NHWC'
img_input = tf.placeholder(tf.uint8, shape=(None, None, 3))
# Evaluation pre-processing: resize to SSD net shape.
image_pre, labels_pre, bboxes_pre, bbox_img = ssd_vgg_preprocessing.preprocess_for_eval(
img_input, None, None, net_shape, data_format, resize=ssd_vgg_preprocessing.Resize.WARP_RESIZE)
image_4d = tf.expand_dims(image_pre, 0)

# Define the SSD model.
reuse = True if 'ssd_net' in locals() else None
ssd_net = ssd_vgg_300.SSDNet()
with slim.arg_scope(ssd_net.arg_scope(data_format=data_format)):
predictions, localisations, _, _ = ssd_net.net(image_4d, is_training=False, reuse=reuse)

# Restore SSD model.
ckpt_filename = './checkpoints/ssd_300_vgg.ckpt'
# ckpt_filename = '../checkpoints/VGG_VOC0712_SSD_300x300_ft_iter_120000.ckpt'
saver = tf.train.Saver()
saver.restore(isess, ckpt_filename)

# SSD default anchor boxes.
ssd_anchors = ssd_net.anchors(net_shape)

# Main image processing routine.
def process_image(img, select_threshold=0.5, nms_threshold=.45, net_shape=(300, 300)):
# Run SSD network.
rimg, rpredictions, rlocalisations, rbbox_img = isess.run([image_4d, predictions, localisations, bbox_img],
feed_dict={img_input: img})

# Get classes and bboxes from the net outputs.
rclasses, rscores, rbboxes = np_methods.ssd_bboxes_select(
rpredictions, rlocalisations, ssd_anchors,
select_threshold=select_threshold, img_shape=net_shape, num_classes=21, decode=True)

rbboxes = np_methods.bboxes_clip(rbbox_img, rbboxes)
rclasses, rscores, rbboxes = np_methods.bboxes_sort(rclasses, rscores, rbboxes, top_k=400)
rclasses, rscores, rbboxes = np_methods.bboxes_nms(rclasses, rscores, rbboxes, nms_threshold=nms_threshold)
# Resize bboxes to original image shape. Note: useless for Resize.WARP!
rbboxes = np_methods.bboxes_resize(rbbox_img, rbboxes)
return rclasses, rscores, rbboxes

# Test on some demo image and visualize output.
path = './demo/'
image_names = sorted(os.listdir(path))

img = mpimg.imread(path + image_names[-5])
rclasses, rscores, rbboxes = process_image(img)
# visualization.bboxes_draw_on_img(img, rclasses, rscores, rbboxes, visualization.colors_plasma)
visualization.plt_bboxes(img, rclasses, rscores, rbboxes)