The computer vision course is composed be three session: 1) Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision, 2) Visual Tracking and 3) Computer vision for augmented reality. Validating session 1 is necessary before sessions 2) and 3). Several topics are commun between sessions 2) and 3).  Slides are mainly in english. Practical courses are mainly in french.

Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision

Course outline: 

Introduction (download slides)  

Image Processing :

  • Image coding, 
  • Colour,
  • Histograms,
  • Global filters,
  • Spatial filters,
  • Mathematical Morphology introduction.  


 Download Slides 

Download orientation estimation practical course (fr)

Download additionnal images for practical course (volants) (retines)(fibres) (billes1bulles2)

Detectors and descriptors


  • Introduction to homogeneous coordinate system
  • Pinhole camera model
  • camera calibration 
  • Homography, epipolar geometry 

Visual Tracking :

 Course outline: 

 Computer Vision for Augmented Reality

 Course outline:


Practical courses use C++ OpenCv library: Download a Visual C++ 2010 project skeleton configured for opencv (x86). 

2017 sessions

Classrooms and labs maps available here

Sessions for TSI Ms (TsiMs), Mechatronics Ms (McMs), Polytech' polycomp Imagerie Ge (PolyGe) and Polytech' polycomp Imagerie Gmm (PolyGmm). 

Lectures (classroom 9212):

  • L1- september 28 (7h45-9h15): Introduction to Computer Vision
  • L2- october 5 (7h45-9h15)Image coding, colour, introduction to histrograms
  • L3- october 12 (7h45-9h15)filters (global and spatial)
  • L4- october 19 (7h45-9h15): CANCELED
  • L5- october 26 (7h45-9h15) interest points, descriptors
  • L6- november 9 (7h45-9h15) introduction to geometry (camera models, calibration and stereovision)
  • L7- november 16 (8h15-9h15): introduction to machine learning (towards neural networks and AI for Computer Vision)
  • Exam- 30 november (7h45-9h15): final exam (multiple choice questions)


The class is divided into two groups for tutorials:

Gr1 = TsiMs+McMs (lab SCI_4000)

Gr2 = PolyGe + PolyGmm (A104 (5/10, 12/10, 09/11), G011 (26/10))

  • T1- october 5 (Gr1 9h30-11h; Gr2 11h15-12h45): image coding, colour, introduction to histrograms
  • T2- october 12 (Gr1 9h30-11h; Gr2 11h15-12h45): spatial filters
  • T3- october 19 (Gr1 9h30-11h; Gr2 11h15-12h45):
  • T4- october 26 (Gr1 9h30-11h; Gr2 11h15-12h45): harris corner detector
  • T5- november 09 (Gr1 9h30-11h; Gr2 11h15-12h45): geometry

Research project: (only for PolyGe + PolyGmm)

A research project (32h) will be realized during the session (A104 exept 26/10 (A107)).

  • RP1a- october 26 (16h30:17h30)
  • RP1b- november 09 (15h30:17h30)
  • RP2- november 16 (13h30:17h30)
  • RP3a- november 23 (15h30:17h30)
  • RP3b- november 30 (15h30:17h30)
  • RP4- december 7 (13h30:17h30)
  • RP5- december 14 (13h30:17h30)
  • RP6- december 21 (13h30:17h30)
  • RP7- january 11 (15h30:17h30)
  • RP8- january 18 (13h30:17h30)

Keynotes: (mandatory for PolyGe + PolyGmm)

  • K1- tbd: C. Tilmant (4h) (IP, medical imaging) october 5 (13h30-17h30), room G124
  • K2- tbd: T. Feraud (2h) (Wissen tech., adas systems ) november 9 (13h30-15h30), room G124
  • K3- tbd:  V. Arvis (4h) (Michelin) october 26 (13h30-16h30), room G124
  • K4- tbd:  R. Tomzack (2h) (Optomachine) november 23 (13h30:15h30), room G125
  • K5- tbd:   S. Caux (2h) (Uniswarm: smart sensors and robotics) november 30 (13h30:15h30), room G125
  • K6- tbd:  J. Serot (2h) (machine vision) January 11 (13h30:15h30), room G125

Previous sessions

Practical work for Polytech CF Imaging module (2016).

Here are the training and testing datasets for students working on Caffe (deep learning library) based classification:

Here are some testing videos for students working on tracking algorithm (part of Caviar and Pets Datasets) : vehicle video, pedestrian video, bean



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